Tips & Tricks

A sore throat fix

For the past couple of days I've had a killer sore throat - like stabby little razors each time I swallow - and the edge of a cold. It's a pain; particularly as we're away from our new home for the week, which means I don't have any of my usual remedies on hand. I'm...

Natural Health Tips

I very much like this infographic. The tips are simple and good ideas if you're looking for some guidance on where to begin to improve your overall health. Have a look... What do you reckon?

What to use when eggs are out

I've blogged about egg-free cooking before, but I think it's worth another post. Particularly as I've been chatting to a few folk recently who can't have eggs, but want to get stuck into some festive season baking. What are the options? Numerous, as it happens. You...

Nourishing dry wintry skin

Even while I'm away, I've got a guest post or two up my sleeve. Click through to read my top tips for nourishing winter skin. We're in Berlin at the moment and even though this is summertime, it's currently cold enough to warrant the use of these measures!