Women’s Health

Ladies, I can help you! Hormonal balance is a BIG part of wellbeing and, unfortunately, many women more commonly experience imbalance. However, this can be remedied. Ongoing issues such as PMS, irregular cycles, endometriosis and PCOS all respond very well to naturopathic and integrative treatment.

Although discussion of women’s health often surrounds hormone balancing and reproductive health, there is more to it than that. Certain disease processes manifest differently in women than in men, for example, heart disease may present later in life and have different symptoms in women; and some diseases such as osteoarthritis, migraines, and depression are more common in women.

Up your Iron

  Put your hand up if you have (or have previously had) low iron *raises hand* It's incredibly common, particularly among undernourished children, young women, the elderly and during pregnancy. But, in fact, just about anyone can develop a deficiency. Signs that...

Summer. Body. Whatever.

Sorry for the language below... BUT I really like this message. I'm seeing so many articles / blogs / images / 'inspo' at the moment about the urgent importance of changing your physical self to match the warmer weather. Seriously. It puts so much pressure on people -...

Natural PMS solutions

Today I'm guest posting over at SheSaid. Click through to read about PMS: what it is and how to get rid of it. Have you found any natural remedies that worked a treat for your PMS?

Nourishing dry wintry skin

Even while I'm away, I've got a guest post or two up my sleeve. Click through to read my top tips for nourishing winter skin. We're in Berlin at the moment and even though this is summertime, it's currently cold enough to warrant the use of these measures!

Unslump yo’self

My friend Ange is one of the most gorgeous people I know: a complete glamourbabe with a heart of absolute gold. Gold! She makes up one half of the sparkly duo Swirls and Twirls, who are based in Queensland, but travel all over Australia and the world in search of the...

Let’s talk about sex

I've been asked to write a little something about sex. Doing it! Or rather, not doing it i.e. what's happening when you're not in the mood. I often chat to patients and friends alike who joke about feeling lacklustre in the sack, having to fend off their amorous...

Summer fresh

It's getting warmer down here in Sydney town - I'm hardly ever wearing a cardi these days! - and it's creeping towards scorching up in Brisbane I'm told. With the temperature rising, people are starting to peel off the layers and show a bit more flesh. With extra skin...