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So. We’re over a week into December. Which means: here we are in the thick of festive celebration season. Hooplah!

Such a fun time. Also a time of indulgence and excess for many of us. Hooplah again, I say! This time of year comes but once and should be enjoyed.

That said, too much of a good thing can leave you feeling distinctly less fresh, with people often commenting on how tired / bloated / hungover / worn out / etc they feel by the time the new year rolls around.

There are some really simple way in which you can minimise, or even better avoid, the festive season fallout, and I’ve put my top three tips below. I wrote about each of these in more depth a couple of years ago, so click on the links to read more about each.


TOP TIP #1 … Drink water

Adequate hydration is really important for your health. Even more so over the festive season as not only does the weather dehydrate us, it is also a time when there tends to be a larger-than-average consumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks and rich foods.

Errbody needs to drink more water… read more here.

drink more water


TOP TIP #2 … Digest your food

Indulging in lashings of delicious, festive foods can be fun at the time, but leave you feeling bloated and unwell afterward. Many people report feeling sluggish after weeks of indulging. Unused to managing large quantities of rich food and drinks, our bodies work less efficiently and it’s not uncommon to feel ill… anything from bloating and abdominal pain, to headaches and fatigue.

However, simple measures such as apple cider vinegar in water, or digestive bitters, can help significantly… read more here.

Herbal Tea


TOP TIP #3 … Go for the good stuff

Now is a time, for so many of us lucky folk, to enjoy some delicious and decadent treats. Have at it! My advice around this is: choose as best you can, steer clear of pre-packaged, highly-sugared, junky ‘holiday food’, and go for the fresh stuff…. read more here.

cheese platter


These tips are simple, easy to do, and make a difference. Try them out and let me know how you go!

I am already enjoying some of the yummy seasonal treats over here in the States (hello, PIE!) and am looking forward to cooking up a storm for Christmas. We’re really getting into the whole festive swing, America style, including taking Molly to Santaland (who AM I?) when we were in New York over the weekend. Without a doubt, Jon and I were more excited than the baby. Ridiculous.

Jon Molly Me and Santa_cropped

Say ‘cheese’