Health and the Festive Season – Tip #3

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I think we can all agree that I won’t stop banging on about how everyone needs to drink more water. And if you’ve ever seen me in clinic, you’ll know this too; it gets written on just about everyone’s script. So… here I go again.

Easy fix #3 –> Drink  water

Hydration plays a pivotal role in health. Have spoken about it many times before.

Over the festive season, adequate water intake is even more important as not only is the weather warm (meaning we lose water through sweat) it is also a time where there tends to be a larger than average consumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks and rich foods.

Delicious, maybe. Good for you, not so much.

Drinking water helps our bodies to flush out the extra load of sugar, alcohol, fat and additives we consume during this time. Without it, we place our bodies under significant strain and often end up feeling generally unwell by the season’s end.

Many people tell me they find it difficult to drink plain water – finding it boring or unpalatable. While I can’t do much about your perception of water, I can suggest ways to make it more interesting and therefore easier to drink:

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Add a squeeze of lemon, a wedge of lime, or a small handful of frozen berries to your glass or bottle.

Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices – diluted or straight – are lovely on a hot day and will contribute to your fluid intake.

Choose a wine spritzer (half wine half mineral water) rather than a straight glass of Savvy B.

Also aim to intersperse alcoholic drinks with at least 1 glass of still or sparkling water.

Have a pot of herbal tea (such as rosehip, lemongrass or rooibos) in the fridge and sup on that when you’re thirsty (this has the added benefit of exerting a therapeutic effect, as well as helping to keep you hydrated.

Remember too that fluid doesn’t just come from what you drink. Foods can also contribute to your hydration, particularly soups and stews, smoothies, fresh fruits and – perfect for this time of year – salads full of leafy greens.


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