Herbal Dispensary!

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Herbal medicine | 0 comments

happy-with-herbal-medI am SO excited with the arrival of my new herbal medicine dispensary in the clinic! Just LOOK at my face: can’t stop smiling!

Since the start of the year, I’ve been referring out for herbal tonics, which has been fine… but it is so much nicer to be able to make them in-house. Not only can I ensure that people will actually get the tonics I recommend (it’s one thing to take a script, it’s another entirely to have it filled); I can let my patients taste and smell the herbs, and explain what I’m prescribing and why, all while blending them then and there. So good. I’ve missed having a dispensary!

I’ve chosen a wide range of medicinal herbs to have on hand, so as to ensure I can blend formulas to address all manner of conditions and symptoms. This includes immune supporting herbs like Echinacea, digestive herbs such as Chamomile, and energy tonics like Rhodiola. And many more besides.

What’s so good about liquid herbs? Well, lemme tell you. One of the benefits of liquid herbal extracts is that, unlike tablet compounds, they contain no fillers, binders or ‘extra’ ingredients (which are necessary to stabilise the compound products). Nothing additional has to be broken down or digested; instead, in liquid form, the herbal extract can be quickly and easily absorbed. This allows your body to benefit more swiftly from the therapeutic actions of each herb. And, the lovely thing about blending individual herbal medicines means that I can create a bespoke mix for each person, tailored specifically to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for help with energy and stress support, pain management, hormonal balance, or immune health – for example – I can formulate a mix just for you. In each blend, herbs are chosen to both relieve symptoms and support the related body systems – and blended in a way that complements the actions of other herbs in the blend. Synergistic prescribing: it’s the best.

Are you a herbal medicine fan too?

If you want to know about giving kids herbal medicine, see an earlier blog I wrote on the topic, here.