Summer fresh

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Seasonal health, Women's Health | 0 comments

It’s getting warmer down here in Sydney town – I’m hardly ever wearing a cardi these days! – and it’s creeping towards scorching up in Brisbane I’m told.

With the temperature rising, people are starting to peel off the layers and show a bit more flesh.

With extra skin on show, I’m starting to hear conversations about getting a Summer Body and being Bikini Ready.

Bikini ready. What even is that?

You, my friends reading this, you are always bikini ready.

You’re lovely. You’re beautiful. You can wear what you want.

The most important thing (I think) is feeling healthy and strong and full of beans. Because when you look after yourself, you feel good… and when you feel good, you can be comfortable in your own skin… and when you’re comfy, you tend to look your best.

True story.

So rather than succumbing to fear or worry about bumps and bulges in the lead up to summer; take advantage of this lovely time of year and enjoy the transition into warmer weather.

Here’s how:

+ Get amongst the delicious fresh fruit and veg that’s coming into season now (seriously! there are so many options – suggestions here and here).

+ Drink water, regularly. You can even add dash of lemon juice or ACV if you’re game (does lovely things for digestion).

+ Enjoy herbal teas (you can have them over ice, an excellent treat on a warm day) and fresh juices.

+ Move your body daily … even if it’s just stretching for 10 mins when you wake up, or going for a mosey around the park after work.

+ Enjoy some toasty sunshine – enough to warm your skin.

That’s enough to get started. How easy does that sound?

If you can fit a bit of hugging, kissing and smiling somewhere in there too, then you’re well and truly on the right track.

Let’s drink to summery freshness

If you would like some tips specific to you on how to feel good going into summer, come and have a chat to me at Uclinic in Sydney or HealthWise in Brisbane.