Tamari almonds

by | Sep 29, 2012 | Recipe | 2 comments

These are delicious. Delicious.

They are also nutritious. Yes, they are.

You can buy tamari almonds in health food stores and those dedicated nut places – but you can also make them at home in a jiffy and, even better, they’re super easy.

tamari almonds


  1. Pull a heavy-based fry pan out of the cupboard and place over medium heat
  2. Throw several handfuls of raw almonds into said pan (as many or as little as you want)
  3. Sprinkle liberally with tamari (which is like soy sauce, you can also use soy sauce if that’s what you have on hand)
  4. Stir / toss over heat for 5ish minutes (don’t let it smoke – that’s when things are too hot)
  5. Turn off the heat and there you have it – your own batch of crunchy, salty, nutty snacks!


Variation: I like a bit of heat, so I add a dash of Tabasco to the ones we eat. Sesame seeds are also nice in this mix, but it’s entirely up to your palate (and your pantry).

Tamari almonds are excellent to graze on, as a regular snack, and can be mixed into leafy salads alongside other seasonal ingredients.

Here’s one of my lunches from last week, when I was thinking to myself “man, we have nothing in the house”, then I opened my eyes and realised we had plenty!