Warming Winter Breakfasts

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It’s June and it’s freezing: Winter is officially upon us. This means that warming foods will (or should!) be featuring more frequently in your daily diet and raw foods, things that cool you down and are slow to digest, can be set aside for a spell… Get away with your salads and smoothies, and instead embrace the nourishing warmth found in soups and stews, roasts and toasts. Deeeelish.


Starting the day with a steaming bowl of porridge is one (easy, nutritious and tasty) way you can get into the swing of winter eating. Nurturing, nourishing and thoroughly satisfying – not to mention dead easy to prep, even on busy mornings when you have 10 minutes to get out the door. I’ve shared my love of Kasha (????) before on the blog (read more about that here) and buckwheat porridge is featuring on the breakfast menu again at home now that the temperature’s dipped.  Obviously one of my favourite meals, but goes down well with Jon and Molly too.

All the yummy - simple! - variations

All the yummy – simple! – variations of kasha


We also do oats very regularly. Cooked in one or more of the following – depending on what I feel like and/or what’s in the kitchen – water, coconut milk, almond milk, or sometimes even cream (though rarely, we don’t often have that in the fridge). I also usually add cinnamon or nutmeg, sliced banana, grated apple or pear. Often a dollop of natural yoghurt on top and some crushed nuts for good measure (though not for the baby, obviously).

Oats and yoghurt

Easy. Delcious. Nutritious.


I also use left over grains from dinner – such as brown rice or quinoa – that can be warmed in a little milk (of whatever variety is on hand and/or preferred), some spices and fruit or a drizzle of honey to sweeten.

Brown rice porridge

Brown rice | Coconut milk | Grated apple | Cinnamon… am clearly not the only fan!


These meals are simple to prepare from scratch (but can also be made in advance if you prefer), travel reasonably well if you want to heat / eat at work, taste great, are easily adapted to whatever your palette prefers, and provide you with excellent quality fuel for the start of your day. Get on it! Porridge for the win.

What are you eating for breakfast now that Winter is truly upon us?