Health conditions

I am always happy to consult with anyone that walks through my clinic door. I do, however, have several areas that I’m particularly interested in and have more experience working with:

Stress & Fatigue

All of us are affected by stress, in one way or another and for some people, this can have significant consequences for overall health.

Women's Health

Ladies, I can help you! Hormonal balance is a BIG part of wellbeing and, unfortunately, many women more commonly experience imbalance.

Family Health

One of the things I’m most passionate about is instilling good health values in our children, ensuring their future health is built on strong foundations.

Preconception care

Preconception care aims to prepare your body for the best possible pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy support

Being in good health before conceiving is ideal, but pregnancy itself is a health journey that will benefit immensely from specialised care.

Breastfeeding & postpartum care

Navigating life with a new baby is beautiful, but also overwhelming at times!

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