Pregnancy Support

Being in good health before conceiving is ideal, but pregnancy itself is a health journey that will benefit immensely from specialised care. During pregnancy your body will go through a huge amount of change. It’s a wonderful time and an especially important one in which to take special care of both yourself and your babe. Managing morning sickness, supporting energy and preparing your body for birth are some areas I can support you with.

The Top 5 Ways to Beat Pregnancy Nausea

Feeling nauseous and sick in the early stages of pregnancy is incredibly unpleasant, but not unusual. Up to 80% of women experience these symptoms. However, there are a number of different treatment options and natural remedies that can help significantly with pregnancy nausea. Here are my top five favourites.

Coffee and Pregnancy

Today I'm reposting this blog from a couple of years ago, because I have been talking to many people about caffeine, pregnancy and breastfeeding of late. A regular topic of conversation! ________ There are lots of 'dos' and 'donts' that you will face as soon as you...