Stress and Fatigue

All of us are affected by stress, in one way or another and for some people, this can have significant consequences for overall health. I can help you learn to better manage your stress and get your health back on track. If you’ve felt stressed and run down for a long period of time, we’ll work to nurture burnt-out adrenals and help you rebuild energy. Other symptoms that are often associated with burn-out include broken sleep, headaches, migraines, difficulty concentrating, moodiness and recurrent infections.

The value of sleep.

Look. I’ve hardly been on this blog in the past six months (longer, actually) as I fell out of the habit of writing regularly, and my work / study / personal life filled up with numerous other tasks that took priority. I intend to post more regularly, and to go...

Sleep is medicine

The value of sleep cannot be overstated. It's such an important factor for physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep is the time our bodies use to recharge our batteries, something we need to do every day. Every day. It restores and revives us: physically and mentally. It...

How to halve your stress

I'm guest posting over at Mouths of Mums again today. Click through to read my three simple strategies for halving stress. Found any of these helpful yourself? What are your strategies for stressing less?