I don’t know about you, but my year started off pretty slow.

We had time off with family. Came home to Sydney. Settled back into the ‘normal’ routine. For me, work trickled in gradually and I geared up for a return to an intensive Masters program.

Then February rolled around and my work really ramped up, at the same time as I jumped back into significant study. Busy days. Busy nights. Busy mind. Holy snapping duckshit, as one of my inlaws would say. Running parallel to this, my husband maintained his academic-who-loves-to-work schedule and my daughter continued along her toddler life path, which seems to involve a lot of emotional challenge at the moment. All up, it’s good. It’s abundant. It’s a privilege. It’s also exhausting and stressful. In other words,  it’s life.

I was reflecting on this earlier in the week while spending time with my little Molly. It had been raining and as we were walking down the street, she kept stopping to stomp in tiny puddles. We were on our way somewhere, but I couldn’t hurry her along. She was so focused on the job at hand. The splashing and the stomping was really important to her, in that moment. It was a good reminder for me, to be in the moment. Kids, especially little ones, are really good at doing this. Not agonising over a past event or stressing about a list of future worries. Just being where they are, right then. She’s my Zen master, man, my little moving meditation teacher.


Molly the Zen master from Kathleen Murphy on Vimeo.

… and yes, those sneakers are about four sizes to big for her 🙂