Change: skin care

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Environmental health | 2 comments

And the blog-hop has kicked off! Ananda from Vitale has posted a wonderful article on changing your skin care regime to something significantly more natural and nurturing.

“…when I think back to one of the biggest changes I made in my health it was to change from commercial, synthetically based skincare over to natural and organic products. I have to say at the time the decision was tough because organic skincare had none of the glamour or promise of instant youthfulness of big brands and I have always been a sucker for pretty packaging and instant results…” keep reading here

organic skin care


Ananda was one of my first lecturers when I started studying naturopathy, years and years ago.

She is a organic skincare expert… if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ananda – and seeing her ivory complexion – you’ll agree she is the perfect advertisement for her sage advice!


This is part of the ‘Change’ blog hop series I’m taking part in with the Health and Happiness Collective, which you can read more about here.