Eating animals.

by | Oct 25, 2011 | Nutrition | 2 comments

Well, I always knew he was primal, but my husband’s turning paleolithic.

A vegetarian for many years, he’s been feeling increasingly like he needs more protein and less carbohydrates… particularly at the tail-end of a busy year and in the lead-up to a PhD submission. So, turning his previous diet on its head, Jon’s going to go paleo… i.e. eat like a caveman. What does that mean? Well… lots of fresh fruit and veg, nuts and seeds, as well as plenty of (free-range) meat, poultry and fish. No grains, no refined carbs.

As a fellow vegetarian and nutrition-fiend I felt outraged at first that he wouldn’t let me design a meat-free menu. Outraged!

However, the more I learn about primal nutrition the more I like it. Although eating meat is not something I can do, I dig the principles – ones I can adapt to a meat-free diet. In the meantime, for all you omnivores out there, it might be something worth considering.

So… now we’re learning to cook meat again – a skill that’s been shelved for well over a decade. But before we even get started on cooking we have to get savvy to buying. And, if I’m going to have meat/fish/poultry in the house, it’s going to be as ethically and naturally produced as possible. You’d better believe it.

Where to go for that? Well here are our preferred local suppliers:

Vive Organic Market in Hawthorne

Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe

The Meating Place in Paddington

Happily, these guys (even the last one – despite their name) sell more than just meat and have a bountiful supply of many tasty, organic and (in most cases) locally sourced food. Highly recommended.

Where do you go?