The view from here

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We’re staying on my mother-in-law’s property Qld at the moment and it is lush. Lush!

North Qld is known for many things… cane toad races, beef producers and bogans. All of which can be found up here. BUT it’s also a place of amazing naturescapes, tropical rainforests, coral reefs and some of my favourite people. I love it. Thought I’d give you a little snapshot of why.

Here is our morning walk around the paddocks, dog and cat in tow.

the farm

cat refused to pose in frame. typical.

And here’s the creek we swim in (several times) daily. There are a couple of resident platypus, lots of birds swooping overhead and all kinds of interesting things underfoot. 

the creek

favourite swimming hole

I hope you’re having a wonderful festive season and, if you’ve been able to take time off, are thoroughly enjoying the break. We’re back home, to Sydney, in the new year and I’ll be back in the clinic from 6th Jan. Look forward to seeing some of you then!


Got any good adventures to share? Great plans to welcome in the New Year?