Geez I love avocados

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Nutrition | 4 comments

I’m re-blogging myself, is that even allowed? Whatever. Doing it.

Why? Because I am having a love affair with avocados at the moment and it’s all I’m interested in talking about. They are SO good! Little green packages of nutrition and deliciousness! Also, they’re in season, which means abundant and affordable – I got 5 for $5 at the markets yesterday and have already happily devoured 2 of them. YUM.

I friggin love them


Avocado reminisces

As children, my brother and I were often given half an avocado to snack on. Mum would drizzle a little vinegar onto each half, hand us a spoon, then sit us outside on the steps and leave us to to the important business of avocado devouring.  Happy days.

I’m still a massive fan of avocados, which feature regularly in our meals at home. However, since moving to Sydney I’ve found that they are really expensive in the markets and fruit barns I visit. What IS that? Is it me? Or is it Sydney? Or another explanation? Am all ears.

In any case, I still buy avocados, just not as regularly and not as many. Unless I happen across an excellent deal – as I did last week – in which case I load up. Gimme gimme gimme. There must have been a bumper crop nearby and I was more than happy to reap the delicious green rewards.

To celebrate my happy find, on Sunday arv I sat myself out on our sunshiney back step with two vinegar-d and pepper-d halves and got down the the important business of avocado devouring. Bliss.


Are you as nutty for avocados as me? What’s your favourite way to eat them?