Go to a health spa, your health with improve. Um, der.

by | Dec 1, 2012 | Research, Travel | 1 comment

Last year I was sent to Gwinganna to write a story. I’m not skiting, just sharing a fact from my life. That’s what blogging is, right? Aaanyway. Unsurprisingly, I had an amazing time. It is – seriously – awesome there. If you are interested, here is the story I wrote.

The point of this is not to bang on about how great my experience of escaping to the Gold Coast hinterland was (it was), but to draw your attention to a small but interesting study that landed in my email-inbox last week.

Some new American research has confirmed that a week in a health spa can indeed produce positive health effects.

After one week of clean eating and clean living, the study participants presented with weight loss, better blood pressure, and a drop in plasma mercury (!), sodium and cholesterol. The participants also experienced less anger, tension, fatigue, anxiety and depression. They felt good, in other words.

Care for a soak? Let’s go.

Ref: Newberg A, Wilson J, Wintering N. A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Physiological Effects of a Spa Retreat That Uses Caloric Restriction and Colonic Hydrotherapy. Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal, December, 2012 – VOL. 11, NO. 6