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Do you practice gratitude? I do. I’m a big advocate for being thankful.

To be honest, however, I don’t always find giving thanks comes easy… and I often find cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ most challenging at times when it will be of greatest benefit. Oh, the human condition! But I persevere. And, importantly, I don’t beat myself up if I fall off the wagon. It happens dudes. When it does? I hop up, dust myself off and get right back on again. You know the cycle: rinse and repeat.

I know I’m a day late for us here in Australia, but currently *right now* in the States it’s Thanksgiving. As it happens, that lovely husband of mine is in the US for work at the moment – right in the thick of it! And although I’m guessing he’s mostly thankful for the abundance of pumpkin pie currently, there certainly is a lot in both his and my life to be grateful for.

The top 5 things I’m giving thanks for today are (in no particular order):

Health: I have great physical health, full mobility, excellent site and hearing, all my mental faculties AND access to any relevant healthcare when I need it.

Family: though we now live quite far from our families, I am lucky to have a strong bond with my immediate, extended and in-law family. I also have a small group of very close friends who I consider family – and I could never say thanks enough for that.

Freedom: I can work where I like, study what I like, eat what I like, wear what I like, say what I like and travel wherever I choose (funds permitting). Mate, that is awesome!

People: although, sometimes, people are the worst (really it’s true), they’re mostly great and my work brings me in contact with all sorts of different folk every day. I love it.

Chocolate: am always always grateful for chocolate!

image via pinterest

image via pinterest

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

Do you practice gratitude? What’s YOUR top 5 today?