Heading north for a bit

by | Dec 21, 2012 | Emotional wellbeing, Tales from my life | 0 comments

It’s holiday time! As of this afternoon I’m off work until mid-January. Hurrah! And tomorrow morning (eye-squintingly early) I will be heading north for some time off, time with family, time with friends and time to myself. Thank goodness.

We’ll be staying with a large gaggle of my family at my grandmother’s house. Molly passed away last year and is deeply missed, but her love and gentle presence can still be felt in her home. Her place is a large rambling house sitting in the middle of a large rambling garden, by the edge of the river. It is, without doubt, the patch of earth I love most in the world. Sounds twee, I know. However, of all the places I’ve traveled and lived over my life, this is the one I love best. In fact, most of us Murphys feel this way… as do our partners, offspring and even friends!

So, my dears, I hope you too are lucky enough to have somewhere that connects you deeply to love, family and nature. It’s a blessing and, in my opinion, the best gift of the season.


My favourite place on earth

In all the world, this is my favourite place