Kinderling Conversation: Postpartum

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Breastfeeding and Postpartum Care, Emotional wellbeing, Women's Health | 0 comments

Last month I went into the Kinderling studios, here in Sydney, and talked with host Shevonne about the changes women go through after birth. And the pressures many of us feel to get ourselves together – physically, emotionally and mentally – soon after the birth of our babies. Too soon, in my opinion. There is so much pressure and unrealistic expectations put on women to look and act a certain way after having a baby, often ignoring the huge transition that pregnancy / birth / postpartum presents.

You can listen to me talk about the importance of understanding and honouring these changes, and some of my suggestions about how to care for yourself during the time. Just click on the link below to hear the conversation.

Can you relate to some of the issues Shevonne and I discussed?