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Happy Valentine’s Day you mob!

Whether you go crazy for heart-shaped-anything or refuse to engage with the whole Valentine’s shebang, I’m still sending you love. For me, that’s what this is about. Love! Chocolates, flowers, gifts and adornments are pleasant accessories to the day, but they aren’t necessary. Love can be shown in many ways – and not just to your partner, but to yourself, your family, your friends, etc. And, though it’s nice to have a day dedicated to the expression of love, it needn’t be limited to mid-February only. In my opinion, thoughtful and romantic acts are appropriate (and should be encouraged!) any day of the year. A sentiment happily shared by my husband 🙂

Through the past week I’ve been sharing articles, recipes, images and links on my Facebook page, celebrating love in all its forms. Take a look if you’re seeking some inspiration. Otherwise, enjoy your day – which also happens to be the feast of St Valentine – and bask in the love around you.

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