One of my favourite things: Hibiscus tea!

by | Jan 7, 2011 | Nutrition, Tales from my life | 0 comments

Tea made from hibiscus flowers is in my top five favourite drinks. I’m sipping it right now. Yum, it’s so delicious.

When the weather’s cool, I love a big cup of this tea with a slice or two of lemon. But when the weather’s warm – as it is now – I usually make a big pot each night, which goes into the fridge to become iced tea for the following day. Depending on my mood and what’s at hand, I will also throw in some fresh mint, sliced lime, or other herbs such as nettle and chamomile.

What I get is a yummy drink that is not only refreshing, but also looks rad – it’s vibrantly red – and is rich in vitamin C. Try it out.

Icy delight!