Please yourself

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Emotional wellbeing | 4 comments

You can’t please everyone. That’s the truth of it. A lesson that I took (am still taking?) many years to learn. What is important, then, is pleasing yourself. I don’t mean this in a selfish, narcissistic way… although I’m sure there are elements of that. What I really mean is: do what you know to be right for you, just be yourself and worry less about the opinions of others. I’m well aware this is easier said than done. Nonetheless.

Do what you love and do it well.

Be honest and don’t compromise on your values.

Feel proud of who you are and the path you choose.

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I love this little meme. I’ve seen it around the web and it makes me smile every time.


Tomorrow I’m heading away for several weeks. I’ll keep blogging, sporadically, while we’re on the road. Back in Sydney and my ‘normal life’ mid-July. Whatever normal is.