Recipe: Lemon polenta cake

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Recipe | 0 comments

I have lifted this straight off our clinic’s website – it is a Zam classic and absolutely delicious. The first time I tried this cake, I immediately demanded the recipe, which has now become a staple at home!

This refreshing and moist cake is a perfect snacky treat and goes well with a cup of tea or glass of bubbly water. Lemons cleanse the blood, alleviate indigestion and purify the breath.


175g soft unsalted butter (or dairy-free alternative)
150g castor sugar *
125g almond meal
2 eggs, beaten
3 lemons, juiced and rind finely grated
75g polenta
50g plain flour (gluten-free or spelt)
½ teaspoon baking powder


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
  2. Beat butter and sugar together.
  3. Stir in ground almonds, eggs, rind and juice of the lemons.
  4. Add the flour, polenta and baking powder – combine well. It’ll be pretty juicy, which is good as the polenta will soak it up!
  5. Pour into a 15-20cm round tin.
  6. Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes.



To spice it up, juice a small ginger root (e.g. 5cm x 5cm) and add to the mixture.

Frozen berries (e.g blueberries, raspberries) can be sprinkled over the top of the cake before placing in the oven – these will add a gentle sweetness and a bright contrast the lemony yellow!

* I have also made this cake many times with Xylitol instead of castor sugar and it’s just as nice.