Rest: an important concept for health

by | Mar 24, 2012 | Stress and Fatigue | 0 comments

If you’re feeling run down, your throat’s hurting, head feeling fuzzy, mood a bit flat… this would be a good time to rest. For these are all signs that your health isn’t at its best and could do with some nurturing.

Rest is a crucial factor in staying healthy – it allows your body the time to restore, replenish and recuperate. I’m not just talking about sleep here either – although, yes, that is definitely important. I’m talking about proper, bona fide, time out i.e. less or no work, no heavy exercise, no socialising, no crazy late nights and (hooplah!) no chores.

Many of us have been guilty of pushing through the start of an infection, or even full-blown illness, often finding that symptoms hang around much longer than we’d like and invariably recur over a period of weeks.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Usually because life feels too busy to take time off that hasn’t been scheduled. People, don’t get caught up in this! Your health, for better or worse, won’t adhere to a strictly controlled itinerary.

No matter how much vitamin C or cold & flu medication you slam down, your immune system won’t work as well if you don’t take some pressure off the rest of your body. And it doesn’t have to be drastic either, sometimes all you need is a day or two at half-speed to feel whole again…  although sometimes it’s nice to take a little longer.

Ester Resting on Arm – Laura Smith