Solutions for a sore throat and winter cold

by | Jun 24, 2011 | Family Health | 2 comments

Ooooh it’s that time of year: lurgy time.

Everyone seems to be sniffling and coughing and succumbing to all sorts of infections. Over the past few weeks we’ve had a huge influx of people coming through the clinic with these symptoms. We’re also seeing a lot of people who are surrounded by sick co-workers and want to ward off illness of their own.

The common harbingers of a cold are sore throats and headaches. Take notice of these signs, look after yourself early and you can stop yourself from falling ill.

Acerola fruit is rich in vitamin C

Increasing vitamin C and zinc is a great way to begin immune boosting. Diet-wise, this means leafy greens, citrus fruits, orange & red-coloured produce, pepitas and whole grains. A good quality supplement can also really help – particularly if you feel something coming on.

Remember to stay well-hydrated – keeping up at least 1.5L water each day. You can also squeeze the juice of a lemon or lime into your cup or bottle for an extra citrus boost.

Herbally, there are a number of excellent options to improve your health generally and prevent getting sick. Echinacea is one particular herb very commonly used for coughs and colds – and for good reason! It is highly effective – particularly in combination with other immune boosting herbs such as Andrographis.

Oh my goodness… doesn’t it just look like this will do you good?

Teas and warm infusions are also perfect for this time of year. Not only do they warm you up from the inside, with the right ingredients, they can sooth sore throats and clear your airways.

The classic sore throat remedy is a combination of lemon and honey – and I cannot recommend it enough. Not only is it delicious – it’s effective! The lemon juice provides a small dose of vitamin C and acts as a localised antibacterial. The honey tastes pleasant, has a soothing effect on inflammation  (i.e. a sore throat) and can help to kill off an infection.

I recently came across this gorgeous recipe blog that has a wonderful recipe for a lemon honey to be used as a tea base. An excellent idea.

Fresh ginger (dried is also fine) is a great addition to lemon and honey tea. Or, have it solo. This will get your blood flowing, warm up the peripheries and give you a healthy inner glow. Try it!