Travelling and time out

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Tales from my life, Travel | 5 comments

Mid-next week I’ll be heading away for just shy of a month on what promises to be an extremely juicy and interesting trip. Jon and I are Europe-bound for a combination of working and holidaying. The trip is mainly because both of us are presenting at a large naturopathic conference in Paris. However, while away, we are also taking advantage of being on that side of the world at this time of year. Gah! Cannot wait!

Before we get to Paris, however, Jon and I will spend some time visiting a few different spots in Germany and the Netherlands – including some healing centres – and we will also spend time in Berlin, where that husband of mine has been invited to speak.

Then we’re heading to Iceland for a week of hiking and volcano chasing. AS YOU DO.


I will go to there

I am still pinching myself at how fortunate I am to be able to do this, and how well it’s all worked out considering timing, cost and work commitments. I am SO grateful!

The conference itself is actually happening at the very end of our trip; and it looks set to be excellent. I will be presenting  on the naturopathic support of women during their first trimester, and Jon is going to speak about the role of tradition and philosophy in evidence-based practice.

There are some other really interesting speakers on the program, several whom I know already, but many that I don’t. I’m really looking forward to meeting these practitioners and experts from all over the world, for networking of course, but mainly to gain an insight into other countries’ practice models. Again, CAN NOT WAIT.

Bring it.

I will blog some of my experiences while we’re travelling, particularly those that I find most interesting, inspiring and health-related. If you are over that way, or have tips for us while we’re on the road, feel free to share as I am open to ideas and suggestions!

For those who visit me at Uclinic: I will back from Wednesday 17th July. My appointment times are limited however, so I’d recommend booking in now if you don’t want to wait until August for a consultation.