Walk in Her Shoes

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This coming week I’ll be taking part in CARE Australia’s Walk in Her Shoes challenge. Heard about it? Doing it too? In case not, let me tell you…

Each day I’ll be accessorising with a pedometer to ensure I walk a minimum of 10,000 steps as I go about my business. 10,000 steps is roughly 5-6 kms, which happens to be the average distance women and girls in developing countries walk every day to collect water.

The campaign‘s aim is to raise both awareness and funds for programs that support women and girls living in poor communities around the world, as they are often the most disadvantaged and impoverished members of these communities.

Poverty doesn’t just mean a lack of money or food or shelter for these women, but also restricted access to education, shared income and health services. Shame.

So… if you have the interest, inclination and cash, please click here to sponsor me now. Though, actually, it’s nothing to do with ‘me’, rather the awesome and inspiring work done by CARE Australia in 84 countries worldwide.

Walk in Her Shoes2Are you doing the Walk in Her Shoes challenge too?


** UPDATE 25/03/13 ** Well, the challenge finished last night and a lovely bunch of generous people donated a total of $560 to ‘my’ campaign (THANKYOU!) and overall more than $660,000 has been raised. Wonderful! Amazing!

My friend the pedometer