Warm feet = happy sleep

by | Jun 3, 2011 | Research, Tips & Tricks | 4 comments

It is getting COLD here in Brisbane.. and indeed across much of the Southern Hemisphere. While most places are – or should be – equipped for the cold snap, here in Sunny Queensland we seem to be possessed of houses designed to repel heat and encourage air flow. This is an excellent quality throughout the long, hot summer – but a lamentable one during the cooler months.

Warming up your home will obviously make life more comfortable, as will piling on fluffy, fleecy layers of clothing. However, so many (too many!) people I speak to still insist on keeping their hands and feet bare – even when the temperature’s down to single digits. I mean, really.

For most of us, our circulation is not good enough to pump warm blood to our extremities if they’re not insulated and it’s freezing cold. Ultimately, if you’re comfortable hobbling around with ice-blocks on the ends of your legs, that’s fine. However, I would recommend against it. Particularly towards the end of the evening when you’re starting to power down and prepare for bed.

Warm feet and hands not only feel cosy, but have also been shown to improve the quality of sleep. The act of warming increases blood flow to these extremities, which is an indicator of the body’s readiness to sleep.

While partners / lovers / bedfellows may snort at you slipping into woolly socks before slipping under the covers, pay them no heed! They’ll appreciate your warmth and cosiness in the end.