Done and Dusted

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Acupuncture, Tales from my life | 0 comments

And just like that… only five years after starting a three year Masters program (Lord. I did have a kid and relocate internationally, twice, in that time. Not that I need to justify taking ‘longer’. I just, you know, wanted to)… Anyway, I finished. All done! Well. Apart from a big pile of paperwork, applications for registration and fees to be paid. But still. No more exams. No more assessments. No more days and weeks spent away from my life, my family and my practice. The learning continues of course, forever, but the official university education part of it is DONE!

Arnie and Negronis

Negronis all round!

What that means now is that I can turn my energy and attention back to all the non-Masters things that have kind of fallen into a black hole the last couple of months. For example, I just deleted 1800 spam comments off the back end of my site (sigh)… because as if I had time to do that when everything else was eating my time earlier (as if I ever have time to do that though, seriously spambots, go away). I have one huge (main) list, and many sub-lists, of all the things I am doing with the clinic and MamaCare… these things that just had to bubble along in the background, the past five or six months particularly. Well, now I have time for them. Yesssss. I’ve also begun the process of registering as an acupuncturist, but this will take a few months (oh… paperwork), so it won’t *actually* be something I can offer until the new year. Which will be here soon enough.

So. Life’s good! I got through my course! My adrenals and marriage in tact. My daughter seemingly unscathed by my absences and absent-mindedness. And though I’m a *little* tired, I’m just as enthusiastic about naturopathy and acupuncture as ever; if possible, even more so. Hurrah!