Talk to me about your holiday period: did you, in fact, get a holiday? A chance for a break? I’m very grateful that I did.

I’ve come home feeling grounded and refreshed. Time off, and time with family and soul friends will have that effect on a girl. Not to mention the luxury of spending a prolonged period surrounded by green space.

Being in nature makes us, human animals, feel good. Fact.

You can probably vouch for this from your own experiences. There is also a small canon of research that has also been done on this topic. Studies have shown that the more green you see, the better you feel. This includes improvements to the perception of our own health as well as the measurable physical parameters.

Unfortunately, the health benefits of nature can be forgotten when we get caught up in the routine of a busy life, often spent in concrete-filled urban environments. However, it’s easily remembered with something as simple as a short walk in the park or a swim in the sea.

Green-time encourages regular movement, exercise, time out of your head and in your body, a chance for fresh air and deep breathing, vitamin D exposure, an alternative perspective, and connection to the earth.

So… coming back to work this week and kicking into the new year’s schedule, try to make time to get yourself out into the local wild as much as possible. I certainly will.

Yeronga river


Something else that made me happy over the break was photo-stalking our cat, who still lives in Qld. She barely tolerated it. I loved it. I know! I’ve become THAT person.

Cat lady