The Art of Snacking

by | Oct 2, 2013 | Nutrition | 8 comments

I advocate snacking, I think it’s a good habit – particularly for busy, depleted people. It is however important to make good choices with your snack foods, otherwise the benefits of what should be an energy and nutrition boost are lost. Benefits can include: balancing blood sugar and energy levels, supporting metabolism, regulating digestion.

Snacking doesn’t work for everyone of course and some people do better with main meals only or employing intermittent fasting. That’s fine too, do what suits you. And if that happens to be snacking, great, just be sure to choose well.

There are a tonne of great ideas, cookbooks and blogs out there that can furnish your snack plans – even I have a handful of recipes here on this blog. I’m always keen to see what food and health info is being shared online, and a couple of sites with recipes I’m really loving at the moment are My Food Religion and The Whole Daily. Check them out – heaps of healthy and, most importantly, tasty ideas over there.

Remember too that snacking can be simple. Really easy in fact. You don’t even need a recipe a lot of the time. A handful of nuts, a boiled egg, natural yoghurt, fresh fruit, etc.

Here are a few examples of recent snacks I’ve consumed, with gusto:

snack attack

(Clockwise from top L): Passionfruit (fresh fruit +/- veg sticks feature regularly), herbal tea and nut bar, homemade tahini/date/cacao balls, boiled egg & smoked salmon, superfood smoothie, almonds & rice crackers. Yummo.

As you can see, my snack pile is quite eclectic! With plenty of options to choose from, including a wide variety of flavours and range of nutrients from different sources.