Summer. Body. Whatever.

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Emotional wellbeing, Women's Health | 4 comments

Sorry for the language below… BUT I really like this message.

I’m seeing so many articles / blogs / images / ‘inspo’ at the moment about the urgent importance of changing your physical self to match the warmer weather. Seriously. It puts so much pressure on people – particularly women – to achieve an ‘ideal’ (and not often achievable) look.

The underlying message being: you’re not beautiful or acceptable unless you get a flat stomach, fit into a size tiny bikini and show off your toned and tanned pins in seriously short shorts. Mate, this is not the place happiness springs from, NOR health.

If you want a six-pack for summer, great, hop to it – I fully support your choice.
However, if that’s NOT you – also great – I fully support you too!

Dress for your shape


I feel strongly about this topic and have had ranted about it before – here and here.

By the way, I absolutely agree that the alarming rise of obesity and chronic disease within Australia needs to change. That change needs to happen now. And I’m certainly not advocating avoiding healthy interventions or discussions around weight, health and nutritional management. However, what I do get antsy about is this weird habit of promoting unrealistic ideals, extreme diets and short-term interventions to ‘improve’ ourselves cosmetically. These have nothing to do with health and wellbeing and rarely promote the practice of cultivating changes that can become life-long health habits.

*steps off soapbox*